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  • Technology, is a  major Israeli irrigation equipment manufacturers Factory Outlet Store. It is an Israeli Irrigation Company, with over 30 years of expertise in Irrigation Projects, Equipment, Consulting and Marketing worldwide.  Irrigation Global will assist the Irrigation Consumers, to choose and purchase the best irrigation Equipment available on-line. Their team of Irrigation Experts will assist the costumer in composing a complete irrigation system. Irrigation planning services are also available.

  • Technology

    Irrigation Systems Agromax

    The  Agromax  company  offers a modern selection of sustainable easy-to- use and affordable irrigation solutions to fit the needs of small-scale  large- scale farmer.

    It installs any of its irrigation products on the farm, regardless of where in Uganda it is located. The  system will  include training and extension services provided by  skilled AgroMax agronomists.

  • Technology

    WaterTec can help whether one has a vegetable or berry growing operation, an industrial site, or a dairy, and guarantees the installation of an ideal system to accommodate the needs. For industrial costumers, they will install shared manure and irrigation systems to create a dual purpose system that saves on costs. They will install all parts of a berry or vineyard design, and guarantee an economic and efficient result. WaterTec will install submersible, centrifugal, and gas powered pumps to meet different job needs.

  • Technology

    Micro-irrigation system for smallholder farmers for horticultural production (e.g. vegetables and fruits), which comprises of: 

    _household farm pond (50m3) for harvesting surface runoff, lined with ultra-violet resistance plastic and roofed with either iron-sheet< or shade-net (supported by wooden or metallic structure)

    _low-head drip irrigation system: 50-100-litre jerrican kit, or 230-litre mini-tank kit

    _Simple hand pump (Hip pump) for lifting water from the farm pond into the drip system

    Problem addressed: Water scarcity.