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Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil.

CO2 emissions can be reduced with effective irrigation by increasing yields and crop residues which can enhance carbon sequestration. (Smith et. al., 2008).


Irrigation is sufficiently common that little description is required. Suffice as to say that all types of irrigation, such as flood, sprinkler, surface and sub-surface drip, can all enhance crop yields with subsequent increases in crop residues and enhanced carbon sequestration. Eighteen per cent of cropped areas are currently irrigated. If additional areas can be put under irrigation, then additional carbon sequestration can occur. Prominent (adaptation) technologies in this area are:

  • Irrigation
    • Sprinkler irrigation
    • Drip irrigation
  • Fog harvesting
  • Rainwater harvesting
    • Rainwater harvesting from rooftops
    • Rainwater harvesting from ground surfaces

Feasibility of technology and operational necessities

The adaptation technologies listed above also have positive mitigation effects. For more information about the operational necessities, see the individual technology articles.

Status of the technology and its future market potential

For information about the status of the technologies, see the individual technology articles.

Financial requirements and costs

For information about the costs of the technologies, see the individual technology articles.


  • Smith P, Martino D, Cai Z, Gwary D, Janzen HH, Kumar P, Mccarl B, Ogle S, O’mara F, Rice C, Scholes RJ, Sirotenko O, Howden M, Mcallister T, Pan G, Romanenkov V, Schneider U, Towprayoon S, Wattenbach M and Smith JU (2008): Greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 363:789-813.


  • Technology, is a  major Israeli irrigation equipment manufacturers Factory Outlet Store. It is an Israeli Irrigation Company, with over 30 years of expertise in Irrigation Projects, Equipment, Consulting and Marketing worldwide.  Irrigation Global will assist the Irrigation Consumers, to choose and purchase the best irrigation Equipment available on-line. Their team of Irrigation Experts will assist the costumer in composing a complete irrigation system. Irrigation planning services are also available.

  • Technology

    Mekorot implements state-of the-art technological solutions and cutting-edge processes that succeeded in maximizing the utilization of Israel’s water resources. The systems include a national network of fully-automated control centres. These centres ensure the continuous functioning of Mekorot’s 3000 water installations including wells pumping stations treatment facilities reservoirs and pipelines. Advanced communications devices provide online real-time information about water quality and water supply while allowing remote control of vital systems.

  • Technology

    The company is into hot forging and advanced machining. Serving industry the construction field and agriculture SAGIV manufactures customized ball valves connectors and fittings. SAGIV’s products are used for a variety of water steam petrol oil heating and vacuum or pressurized air systems. SAGIV’s products are found in the following industries: Infrastructure Telecommunications Building Contracting H.V.A.C Home Gas Systems Irrigation: Landscape and Agriculture Agricultural Machinery Wide Range of Industries

  • Technology

    Background: The technology described here is a method and apparatus to produce liquid organic fertilizer from plant material by using a two-phase process. The first phase uses a continuous extraction process where liquid leachate (water solution with bacteria) is repeatedly filled and drained from a storage container until the process of chemical decomposition is over. It takes approximately fourteen days to complete the first stage.

  • A collective water pumping system for domestic use and/or irrigation purposes in areas with no grid power or erratic supply of power from grid. An array of solar panels connected in series and parallel configuration generates the power and voltage required for the ATV312 Solar unit to drive the motor. The DC to AC frequency converter in the solar drive converts the DC voltage input to the drive to variable 3-phase AC voltage and frequency.

  • Technology

    BERMAD designs develops manufactures and markets state-of-the-art control valves and related products along with comprehensive system solutions for a range of water and fluid management needs for the Irrigation Landscape Fire Protection and Waterworks segments. BERMAD continues to develop manufacture and market a wide range of water and fluid control management products that are sought sold and serviced in nearly every country and every language. Some of these products include: 700 700ES 700EN 800 and 400 Series - Hydraulic diaphragm actuated control valves for multipurpose applications.

  • Technology

    Mottech Water Control Solutions Ltd. is the Master Global Distributor of Motorola for the IRRInet remote control and management solutions. Computerizing a water and irrigation system may save valuable resources including water energy and labour. The ability of centrally manage multiple sites and make on-line modifications to the process helps in managing one of the most valuable resources – time. All products are designed for simple installation and remote service. Mottech ensures long term and dependable operation while meeting Motorola’s exacting standards.

  • Technology

    Project ID: D2009-11 Invention novelty: The present invention comprises of a novel class of ionic liquid and polymeric ionic liquid materials that are highly selective for boron and serves application in boron extraction. Value proposition: The hazardous effects of drinking and irrigation water have resulted in many boron elimination technologies currently available in the market. However these technologies lack efficiency especially in removing the neutral boron species such as boric acid. There is still an unmet demand of an efficient boron treatment method.

  • Technology

    NaanDan Jain’s extensive product range includes comprehensive irrigation and climate-control technologies for greenhouses and nurseries open fields orchards and plantations residential and landscape areas and industry. These technologies include a wide range of integrated round regular and pressure-compensated dripline systems thin wall dripline and tapes microand mini-sprinklers for climate control and irrigation diverse metal and plastic agricultural sprinklers as well as landscape applications incorporating gear and impact pop-up sprinklers.