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Crop drying

  • Objective

    1. Dryer is a mechanism for drying the agriculture and marine products in order to increase the shelf life and maintain the quality of such products. Drying is the processes without causing damage to the quality of the interior and exterior of the safe storage moisture content typically from 14 to 15 percentage to refer to the process of removing the moisture. That is to say the operation of supplying the heat required for evaporation is supplied to room temperature or heated air to the processes and at the same time remove the evaporated moisture. 2.

  • The Apricot Solar Dryer Tunnel - Pakistan is an application of the Solar Drying technology adapted to the local context. The drying plants are mostly built with local stone and mud bricks and equipped with  wooden panels, glass windows, trays and ventilation systems. These two-story plants are built mainly on rooftops and inside walled fruit orchards with the upper drying floor facing the sun like a greenhouse, and the ground floor used for storage and packaging.