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Insulation in buildings

  • Silicon dioxide aerogel is the lightest solid material because it has the characteristic of nanoporous structure (1-100nm), low density (1-500kg/m3), low permittivity (1.1-2.5), low thermal conductivity (0.013-0.025W/(m.K), high porosity ( 80-99.8%), high specific surface area ( 200-1000m2/g) etc. It shows the unique properties in mechanics, acoustics, thermology, optics. It has a broad and huge application prospect on the field of aerospace, military, communications, medicine, building materials etc.

  • Thermo-acoustic insulation presented as a fiberglass blanket, designed to be applied inside air conditioning ducts.

    Absorbs fan and air turbulence noise and reduces popping noises within sheet metal ducts.

    Outstanding thermal and acoustical performance.

    Bacterial and fungal growth resistant with an EPA.

    Registered biocide that helps protect the airstream surface from microbial growth.

    Certified by SCS Global Services to contain a minimum of 53% recycled glass content, 31% pre-consumer and 22% post-consumer._x000D_

  • Heating and cooling are the main energy consumers in buildings and account for two thirds of a building’s total energy consumption. However, most of this energy is wasted due to inadequate insulation. By using well-proven energy efficiency techniques, 70 to 90 % of a building’s energy need for heating or cooling can be cut.


    ROCKWOOL insulation provides solutions for architects creating innovative building solutions or homeowners who want a better insulated attic in order to reduce the heating bill.

  • With ample years of experience and detailed knowledge in this field, our specialists have designed this premium range of Rockwool LRB Mattresses. Available in different sizes, these enormous mattresses can be extensively used in the plants operating at high temperatures. Apt for usage in the thermal insulation of large vessels, small machinery, boilers, ducts and plants operating at high temperatures, these mattresses have been developed using moisture resistant technology with accuracy in order to suit countrywide standards.


    High temperature tolerance