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Building materials

  • AAC consists 80% air by volume, making it lightest available walling Material (weights ¼ that of clay bricks).

    Formed as a result of reaction of Aluminum on a proportionate blend of Lime, Cement & FlyAsh, the hydrogen gas that escape creates millions of tiny air cells giving it a strong honeycomb like structure.

    It is further strengthened by High pressure steam curing in Autoclaves.

    Invented in 1932, AAC now accounts for 40% of all construction in UK & 60% of all construction in Germany.

  • Heating and cooling are the main energy consumers in buildings and account for two thirds of a building’s total energy consumption. However, most of this energy is wasted due to inadequate insulation. By using well-proven energy efficiency techniques, 70 to 90 % of a building’s energy need for heating or cooling can be cut.


    ROCKWOOL insulation provides solutions for architects creating innovative building solutions or homeowners who want a better insulated attic in order to reduce the heating bill.

  • Thermalinsulation is a flexible thermal insulation material made from closed cell, crosslinked polyethylene foam. The special crosslinking utilised in the production of the material, as well as, its closed cell structure, results in insulating properties that are superior to convrntional fibreglass, rubber based and non crosslined products.

    A very low thermal conductivity value(K), and negligible water absorbtion and vapour tranmission rates reflect in its superior energy saving perfoamance, in s variery of environments.