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Development of a geothermal direct use project in PK20 Ambado


The Republic of Djibouti has commited to emission reductions of 40% by 2030 compared to business as usual scenarios. In order to explore geothermal energy as a means to reducing greenhouse gases, the Government has established the Djiboutian Office of Geothermal Energy Development (ODDEG), and the Djiboutian Agnecy for Energy Management. The former has started drilling of two geothermal shallow wells in the PK20-Ambado area to confirm the viability of the resource in this area. Depending on the productivity of the geothermal wells, the project envisions implementing geothermal energy for milk pasteurization, small scale agriculture, and industries for local communities.  The  ODDEG requested CTCN assistance with plans for implementation.

CTCN Support

Identify the best technologies for the implementation of this project and increase the capacity of the Djiboutian Office of Geothermal Energy Development.

Expected Impact

  • As the development of geothermal energy is included in Republic of Djibouti's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), this technical assistance collaboration will potentially enable the coutnry to utilize geothermal direct use in area PK20.
  • Reduced emiisions due to replacing other energy forms with geothermal energy
  • Increased job creation and poverty reduction in project area, reducing vulnerability of the local community  

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