Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Active Technical Assistance

Date of submission Title Countries Objective Sectors Phase Sort descending
Tree Monitoring for Climate Adaptation in the City of Mbombela South Africa Adaptation Forestry Review
Strengthening the financial and institutional sustainability of technological solutions for a circular economy in Bhutan Bhutan Adaptation, Mitigation Waste management Review
Incubation programme for innovative companies based on climate technologies in the Democratic Republic of Congo Congo, The Democratic Republic of the Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Review
Design of an Adaptation Plan for the Power Generation Sector in Panama Panama Adaptation Infrastructure and Urban planning Review
Development of a gender-responsive energy sector Pakistan Mitigation Energy efficiency Review
Comprehensive technological characterization and capacity development to support the integration of electric buses into the public transport system Sri Lanka Mitigation Transport Review
Développement de la stratégie de sobre en carbone Central African Republic Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Review
Desalination Plant including Power Generation (in Mega Watt scale) Iran Mitigation Renewable energy Review
Developing a legal framework for waste-to-energy and recycling program Belize Mitigation Waste management Review
Identification of a tidal turbine technology for the electrification of small communities in the Republic of Congo Congo Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Development of energy audit and reporting guidelines for calculation of the emission factors for fossil fuel power plants Viet Nam Mitigation Energy efficiency Design
Development of climate change adaptation strategy for Buir Lake Mongolia Adaptation Water Design
Developing a national eMobility policy and framework for deploying and scaling up e-mobility in Nigeria Nigeria Mitigation Transport Design
Proving the viability of Bugarama geothermal resources through geoscientific surveys and market surveys for Rwanda Rwanda Adaptation, Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Development of a geothermal direct use project in PK20 Ambado Djibouti Adaptation, Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Development of a geothermal direct use project in Uganda Uganda Adaptation, Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Feasibility study of direct utilization of geothermal resources in pilot project areas Ethiopia Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy, Industry Design
Assessment of direct utilization opportunities for geothermal resources Kenya Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Human health, Industry, Marine and Fisheries Design
Development of geothermal direct use projects for Kiejo-Mbaka prospect Tanzania Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Early warning and Environmental assessment, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Waste management Design
Strengthening safe drinking water supply in rural Myanmar based on the gravity-driven membrane (GDM) technology Myanmar Adaptation Water Design
Technical Capacity Enhancement for Planning an Urban Public Transport System in Vientiane, Lao PDR Laos Adaptation, Mitigation Transport Design
Development of sectoral Technological Action Plans for the implementation of Morocco's long-term strategy for low GHG emissions Morocco Adaptation, Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Feasibility study of waste water to biogas potential in rural settlements with no centralised sanitation system in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Mitigation Waste management Design
Predictive models of the hydrological and sedimentary dynamics of ponds and small soil reservoirs in the Sahelian zone. Niger Adaptation Water Design
Restoring damaged coral reefs in Palau with heat‐tolerant corals Palau Adaptation Coastal zones Design
Development of a Multi-Hazard Platform for forecasting local level climate extremes and physical hazards for Iskandar Malaysia Malaysia Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Design
Develop design criteria and technical specifications for sustainable storm management systems in the Maldives to address climate change impacts Maldives Adaptation Water Design
Development of Green Building Guidelines and Standards for Ghana Ghana Adaptation Carbon fixation and abatement, Energy efficiency, Infrastructure and Urban planning Design
Developing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Models for Hill Ecosystem in Nepal Nepal Adaptation Water Design
Optimization of Energy Savings through Implementation of Fume Treatment and Energy Recovery System  Iran Mitigation Energy efficiency Design
Building Capacity in Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Mountain Regions Georgia Adaptation Cross-sectoral Design
Development of a National Metrics System for Climate Change Costa Rica Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Design
Support for the installation of a compost production plant Guinea Mitigation Waste management Design
High resolution regional climate model projections for Thailand Thailand Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Design
Community Based Livelihood Improvement Program Gambia Adaptation Agriculture and forestry Design
Improving Urban Transport for Key Municipalities in Bhutan: Capacity Building Bhutan Mitigation Transport Design
Feasibility study for Carbon Mineralization by using CO2 issued from coal power plant for recycling ash slag in Cao Ngan coal power plant Viet Nam Mitigation Carbon fixation and abatement, Industry, Waste management Design
Conducting a Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and a Technology Action Plan (TAP) for the implementation of NDCs Congo Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Design
The Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plans (TAPs) for Republic of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Adaptation, Mitigation Design
Building capacity for the Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (ELCA) Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Mitigation Carbon fixation and abatement Design
Technical assistance on combination of solar power and mini hydro to meet rural energy needs; a means of reducing carbon emissions in Liberia Liberia Mitigation Renewable energy Design
Climate risk assessment for subnational adaptation and establishment of a local climate information system for climate change adaptation (LISA) in Cambodia Cambodia Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Implementation
Improving adaptive capacities of water sector through surface rain water harvesting technology adoption Pakistan Adaptation Water Implementation
Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plan (TAP) for Chile`s NDC implementaion Chile Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Designing nature-based solutions with an ethnic and gender-equity approach, to increase the resilience of rural mountain communities in protected natural areas affected by extreme weather events in Honduras Honduras Adaptation Agriculture Implementation
Supporting the transition to a circular economy in Costa Rica Costa Rica Adaptation, Mitigation Cross-sectoral Implementation
Upscaling lowland rice production to improve food security through improved solar powered irrigation practices Liberia, Liberia Adaptation Agriculture Implementation
Enhancing Vanuatu's market for energy efficient appliances Vanuatu Mitigation Energy efficiency Implementation
Developing a national framework for the standardization of stalls and procedures for a climate smart street side vendor in the Bahamas Bahamas Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture Implementation
Development of policy guidelines on building codes for enhancing energy efficiency and identification of viable technologies for public buildings in the Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyzstan Adaptation, Mitigation Energy efficiency Implementation