Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Active Technical Assistance

Date of submission Sort descending Title Countries Objective Sectors Phase
Identification and prioritization of technologies to address water scarcity and climate change impacts in Namibia Namibia Adaptation Water Completed
Catalysing low cost green technologies for sustainable water service delivery in northern Kenya Kenya Adaptation Water Completed
Designing ecosystem-based solutions for building urban resilience Laos Adaptation Water Completed
Georgian coal mine methane development project Georgia Mitigation Human health, Industry Completed
Development of geothermal direct use projects for Kiejo-Mbaka prospect Tanzania Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Early warning and Environmental assessment, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Waste management Design
Water Recycling Technologies in Namibia Namibia Adaptation Water Implementation
Assessment of direct utilization opportunities for geothermal resources Kenya Adaptation, Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Human health, Industry, Marine and Fisheries Design
Feasibility study for Carbon Mineralization by using CO2 issued from coal power plant for recycling ash slag in Cao Ngan coal power plant Viet Nam Mitigation Carbon fixation and abatement, Industry, Waste management Design
Smart drinking water network in Tunisia: first phase in Sousse and Monastir Tunisia Adaptation, Mitigation Water Implementation
Development of agrometeorological information tools and processes for decision-making in the agricultural sector Mali Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment Implementation
Development of an action plan for rainwater harvesting system and financing proposals for Mozambique Mozambique Adaptation Water Implementation