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Date of submission Title Countries Objective Sectors Approach
26 Jun 2017 Feasibility study for paper recycling technology by in-situ precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) synthesis using CO2 in Phong Khe paper craft village, Vietnam Viet Nam Mitigation Energy efficiency, Industry
9 May 2017 Enhancing irrigation service planning and management through 40-year rainfall modelling within Ghana. Ghana Adaptation Water
24 Mar 2017 Extracting time series information regarding desertification from satellite images Iran Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment
18 Mar 2017 Reduction of GHG Emission in Gas Turbines by Replacing Gas Turbine Electric starters Iran Mitigation Energy efficiency, Industry
14 Mar 2017 Construction of a biomass plant: updating of raw material data (Typha reeds, rice bales/straws and peanut shells) and environmental and social impact assessment Senegal Mitigation Renewable energy, Waste management
21 Sep 2016 Capacity building program for climate proofing of eco-cities' water and waste management with co-benefits in urban/peri-urban agriculture and biodiversity Adaptation, Mitigation Community based, Ecosystems and biodiversity
14 Sep 2016 Urban flood - Decision Support Viet Nam Adaptation Early warning and Environmental assessment
6 Sep 2016 Utilisation of Agro-Organic Waste for Bio-Gas production Mitigation Agriculture, Renewable energy
20 Aug 2016 Strengthening the capacities of empowering women through PV systems (training, installing and entrepreneurship) at Fandema project Mitigation Renewable energy, Energy efficiency
26 Jul 2016 Support awareness raising and training for Gas Cylinder Distributiors and People to use a mobile application in order to reduce GHG emission Mitigation Renewable energy, Transport
21 Jul 2016 Marine Energy Atlas for South Africa South Africa Mitigation Renewable energy
21 Jul 2016 Piloting of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in the Gauteng Province of South Africa South Africa Adaptation Energy efficiency, Water Disaster risk reduction
19 Jul 2016 Technical support for Waste Sector Regulations Development Mitigation Waste management
27 Jun 2016 Support to strengthen resilience of livestock management to climate change through an information system on pasture and livestock practices and improvements Benin Adaptation Agriculture Community based
21 Jun 2016 A strategy for national pay-as-you-go policy and mechanisms for households and social institutions to enhance rural off-grid solar energy access and the usage of clean cookstoves and their related impacts on the environment and human health Mitigation Renewable energy, Energy efficiency
14 Jun 2016 Technical assistance for the implementation of incentive pricing for biomass, waste valorization and cogeneration Algeria Mitigation Renewable energy
13 Jun 2016 Strengthening national capacities to verify compliance with energy efficiency standards of electrical appliances in the Ecuadorian market Ecuador Mitigation Energy efficiency
10 Jun 2016 Technical Assistance for assessing the feasibility of and building capacity in Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in Georgia mountain regions Georgia Adaptation Ecosystems and biodiversity
29 May 2016 Support for the implementation of a bioenergy testing facility Algeria Mitigation Renewable energy
29 May 2016 Technical assistance for the assessment of wind farms Algeria Mitigation Renewable energy
29 May 2016 Smart Hydro Power - River Flow speed Research Mitigation Renewable energy
25 Apr 2016 Greening the national economy through promotion of the use and localisation of renewable energy technologies Gambia Mitigation Renewable energy
23 Apr 2016 Green Impact for Food Security Adaptation Water Community based
8 Apr 2016 Blue Carbon NAMA Adaptation, Mitigation Forestry
14 Mar 2016 Amélioration de la résilience des communautés au changement climatique par la promotion de la Gestion de l’Irrigation à Petite Echelle (GIPE) en Haute Guinée Guinea Adaptation Agriculture, Energy efficiency Community based, Ecosystems and biodiversity, Gender
1 Jul 2015 Determination of Technological Needs to Face Obstacles of Wheat Growing Related to Climate Change in Syria Syria
16 Jun 2015 Technical support for the POTOU Renewable Energy Technologies Plant (CSP and Wind) Senegal
5 Feb 2015 Developing the Ciliwung Watershed Management Indonesia Adaptation Water Ecosystems and biodiversity
5 Feb 2015 Development of Ocean Current Watershed Management Indonesia Mitigation Renewable energy
5 Feb 2015 Development of Integrated Carbon Measurements Methodology on Peatlands in Indonesia Indonesia Mitigation Forestry