Women from around the world took a comprehensive global platform to the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). Activists used the platform to successfully lobby for critical references to women throughout the official conference agreement, called Agenda 21, as well as a chapter devoted to gender issues?Global Action for Women towards Sustainable and Equitable Development. Known as Women's Action Agenda 21, the platform was formulated by 1,500 women from 83 countries. The new Women's Action Agenda for a Healthy and Peaceful Planet 2015 builds on the diverse experiences of thousands of women striving to bring the UNCED agreements to life. This action plan for governments, international institutions and civil society includes gender focused sections on: peace and human rights; globalisation for sustainability; access and control of resources; environmental security and health; and governance for sustainable development. The document argues that violence is incompatible with sustainable development. Increased militarisation and military expenditures has derailed sustainable development, diverting human, natural and financial resources away from social needs, and polluting land, water and air and forced displacement due to environmental degradation and disasters has resulted in growing numbers of refugees, exacerbating pressure on natural resources where they settle, and causing conflicts with local populations over scarce resources.Recommendations formulated through consultations with women include:- Strengthen adherence to international laws on arms control, human rights and on humanitarian law.- Reallocate funds from military budgets to human needs.- Include peace, conflict prevention and conflict resolution as a subject in school curricula.

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