Designed for WIDE's popular economics training, this manual combines a popular education framework with economic literacy tools to develop a better understanding of the fundamental workings of a market economy. It provides information on the particulars of the current economy: globalisation, restructuring, fluctuations (unemployment, inflation) and the WTO. It explores differential impacts of market policies and practice on women and also addresses how gender, race/ethnicity and class differentials and the absence of women's human's rights are key to the way the market economy works. This frames its discussion of the market economy in terms of power relationships, and helps participants explore their place in the national and global economy. The introduction explores elements of popular education, addresses methodology, and lays out how to adapt the curriculum to a group's needs. The premise of this training resource is that education begins with the lived experiences of participants - it therefore introduces new concepts and information through participatory group activities. The manual also includes an appendix on popular education/popular economics techniques, readings and information sheets, and popular economics resources.

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