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Women, girls, boys and men, different needs - equal opportunities

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When a disaster hits or a conflict erupts, humanitarian actors move quickly to save lives, meet basic needs and protect survivors. In this rush, the appeal to ?pay attention to gender issues? often falls on deaf ears and may seem irrelevant. This handbook argues that it is not! The handbook aims to provide field practitioners with guidance on gender analysis, planning and actions to ensure that the needs, contributions and capacities of women and men are considered in all aspects of humanitarian response. It also offers checklists to assist in monitoring gender equality programming. Section A explains the relevance of gender equality in crisis situations; provides information on mandates arising from human rights, humanitarian and refugee law; describes how to coordinate work on gender equality in emergencies; and discusses the importance of ensuring equal participation of women and men in humanitarian action. Section B provides sector-specific guidance for emergencies, with chapters on gender and education, gender and livelihoods, gender and registration, gender and shelter, and gender and water, sanitation and hygiene, among others.

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