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Women in Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Production: Bolivia

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In Bolivia, the rate of women's economic participation in rural areas is the highest in the region - a factor that has had a significant positive impact on the country's Gender and Development Index. This fact sheet is one of a series examining rural women in Latin American countries. These fact sheets present key figures and information about rural women and: population - including distribution and growth, female-headed households, poverty rates and the causes and consequences of migration; education; employment, including women's roles in unpaid agricultural work and their concentration in low status occupations; agriculture and its relationship to land ownership - including women's and men's different roles in harvesting, caring for livestock, forestry and fishing. It also looks at the environment and its impact on the rural economy and women in particular and at food security. Recommendations include the promotion of gender equality amongst rural development workers, further research into the situation of rural women and the strengthening of women's networks.

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