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Website: IV International Conference on Gender and Disasters

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This is the official website of the IV International Conference on Gender and Disasters, which took place in Bógota, Colombia in May 2012. The purpose of this initiative is to find strategies to reduce gender inequalities that make women more vulnerable in disaster contexts, and to highlight successful experiences of integrating a gender perspective in disaster risk mitigation. The aim is for regional gender and disaster risk management mechanisms to unite around this initiative, propelling and disseminating achievements in Latina America and the Caribbean. The website includes documentation from the three preparatory workshops on gender, vulnerable populations and disaster, which were held in Central America, the Caribbean and South America prior to the conference. They focused gender, climate change and key population groups: children, the elderly, disabled people and people living with HIV/AIDS. The final report from these workshops can be downloaded from this website. There is also a video section where visitors can view presentations that were given at the conference, commentary by participants, etcetera. Among the site’s other contents is a page for ‘communication and information strategy’ where reports from activities developed at the conference are being shared. This conference was coordinated by the National Union for Disaster Risk Management, the High Presidential Commission for the Equity of Women of Colombia and the International Organization for Migration, with the support of USAID/OFDA.