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Website: Género y Desastres (Gender and Disasters)

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This website came out of a 2009 workshop on disaster, gender and vulnerable populations in Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC), which was held in preparation for the IV International Congress on Gender and Disasters (Colombia, 2011). It contains documentation from the gender, vulnerable populations and disaster preparatory workshops in Guatemala (2010) Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago (October 2010), such as presentations and panel summaries. The objective of this on-line project is to create a consciousness-raising space that encourages reflection, socialisation, and exchange of experiences and best practices. This website also permits the development of actions to incorporate perspectives on gender and vulnerable people (including people with disabilities, children, the elderly, persons with HIV, etc) in disaster risk management in LAC. The Wiki page on this site contains links to risk management organisations and government offices in Central America, South America, The Caribbean, as well as at the regional and international level. This project has received support from the International Organization for Migration, the United States Agency for International Development, as well as Colombian national and local government offices.  

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