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"Dimitra is an information and communication project aiming to improve the living conditions and status of rural populations -particularly women - in Africa and the Near East. Promoting information exchange by collecting and disseminating information on gender and rural development issues through its database to highlight rural women's contributions to the development of their communities, it aims to give voice to the grassroots. The database also contains profiles of relevant organisations. Dimitra produces a bi-annual newsletter including project and partner announcements and articles on relevant topics. Principles include: partnership - working closely with local partners to highlight local knowledge; participation - involving the active commitment of civil society organisations; networking - promoting and supporting the exchange of good practices, ideas and experiences.Dimitra:

works closely with local partner organisations to raise awareness on gender issues
collects knowledge on organisations and projects concerning gender and rural development in an online database
shares information widely using both traditional and new communication methods
contributes to the organisation of workshops, conferences and other events on issues determined by partner and grassroots organisations
reinforces information, communication, networking and advocacy skills of civil society and women's organisations
promotes exchange of information between rural women, grassroots organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the media, government institutions, and other key development actors

All content is available in English and French via the homepage but the site only functions in some web browsers.Adapted from The Communication Initiative Network and Dimitra website

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