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Water: the key to climate change adaptation

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K. Lexén
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This article, which is part of the Water Front edition, focuses on how human-induced climate change will worsen the global water crisis through melting glaciers, rainfall changes, droughts and stronger, more unpredictable natural disasters, which in turn will affect poverty reduction and livelihood security. The author discusses how robust strategies are needed to make human development climate proof, as it is a matter of survival for billions of people. However, she adds, climate proofing is challenging as it is about the distribution of resources. It is concluded that if climate change is to be tackled, new and additional resources are needed though official development assistance, the private sector and economic instruments. The recommendations made in the article state that:

as sustainable water resource management is key to adaptation, building resilience and coping with variability as well as efficient and ecosystem-adapted water use are important building blocks
adaptation to climate change must focus on the poor and vulnerable communities
building awareness, about the threat and the possible responses to climate change, is crucial

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