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Vulnerability and adaptation (V&A) assessment for Ontong Java Atoll, Solomon Islands

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This report focuses on climate change adaptation and risk reduction for communities in Ontong Java, low-lying atolls in the Solomon Islands. This area is particularly vulnerable to climate change with fragile food systems threatened by sea level rise, high tides, and extreme climate events.

The report offers a series of recommendations for the short, medium and longer term including: supply water tanks to the communities to address water shortages, advocacy and education on climate change and its impacts on people, livelihoods, and the environment, develop and implement new farming methods, and identify and trial new crop varieties and other drought- and salt-tolerant plants and trees that can be used by communities, promote traditional practices, including agroforestry and food preservation methods, commence studies and planning for relocation of communities in consultation with the people of Ontong Java.