Description of the project:  

“Light Up Skatang Tribe With Renewable Energy” was initiated by Skatang youth who collaborated with Tainan Community College. Skatang is a remote indigenous tribe    where    women    make    up    2/3    of    its    population.    This    project    utilizes solar energy to improve the living conditions in the Skatang tribe while protecting their sustainable living traditions. It promotes women’s access to renewable energy by training them on the installation, maintenance and use solar PV systems. The project foresees the creation of a 100% solar-powered tribe center in the community. It will raise awareness of the broad public on energy justice inTaiwan.

Climate Impact:

Diesel generators are the main source of energy in the Skatang tribe. Each household consumes about  0.4 liters of diesel for lighting every day, which equals to 1.05 kilograms of carbon emission per household per day.  After the installation of solar PV systems, the carbon reduction is about 5,7 t CO2 per year. Thus the solar PV system has a climate mitigation impact and improves the Skatang tribe’s resilience to climate change.  

Gender Impact:

The project reduces women’s domestic labor burden: tribal women noted that the Solar PV System effectively saves their time and energy, which can be used for other income generating or educational activities. Further, the technical trai-nings on the use of solar PV systems allow women to build their own capacities in renewable energy technology.

Scalability / replicability:

The three steps methodology of this project makes it easily replicable: needs assessment, installa-tion of solar PV systems and women’s capacity building program. The cooperation of Skatang youth with Tainan Community  University, enhances the goal to upscale the project to a 100%  renewable energy powered community center and a self- sufficient indigenous tribe.

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