Present reserves of oil and natural gas can only cover consumption at this rate for the next 50 years in the case of oil, and for the next 70 years in the case of natural gas. Therefore, one of the fundamental priorities for a country such as Iraq is to use several renewable energies (RE) sources and environmentally friendly energy conversion technologies. Iraq is endowed with large reserves of energy sources, mainly hydrocarbons and a considerable potential for the utilization of RE sources especially with respect to solar energy. The aim of this work is to study the effect of using concentrated solar power system to reduce the deficiency in electric power in Iraq and to reduce CO2 emissions. The proposed system is to establish 7 hybrid solar plants each of 50 MW in 7 selected locations in Iraq to get 350MW of electric power. The proposed solar system type is Parabolic Trough. This study explores the technical and economic feasibility of thermal solar power generation plant using parabolic trough collectors.

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