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Urbanisation, Poverty, Climate Change Vol 1 and 2

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ACCCRN works at the nexus of climate change, vulnerable and poor communities, and urbanization. ACCCRN programme through its collective knowledge and evidence pooling had built an emerging practice area of urban climate change resilience (UCCR). This synthesis report considers the effort undertaken in India during the last ve years and also showcases the evidence from cities involved in developing the City Resilience Strategy and practical interventions adopted to create urban resilience. Synthesis Report on ACCCRN India is brought out in two volumes. Volume 1 contains five chapters. This chapter lays out a brief overview of the current urban situation and outline of the report. Continuing with the analysis of Urbanization - Poverty- Climate change challenges, the second chapter explains the urbanization trends in the country and prognosis. It explores the trends in terms of size and distribution of Indian cities and their expected expansion over coming decades. It explores the trends in terms of size and distribution of Indian cities and their expected expansion over coming decades. It also analyses the main challenges of urbanization including resources, governance, infrastructure and services situation and emerging challenges that cities will face in the future. The third chapter discusses the future scenarios of urban growth and challenges. The fourth chapter discusses on the vulnerability of Indian cities towards climate change. It gives an overview to the factor which increases the vulnerability of the cities for example poverty, gender, age composition and illiteracy. Beside this the chapter also discusses other factors like the soft nature of the state and behaviour aspects of the population which impact the vulnerability of the cities. Volume 2 of the Synthesis Report is a collection of City Resilience Strategy (CRS) from core ACCCRN Cities (Gorakhpur, Indore, Surat) and one Replication City (Guwahati). The information to Volume 2 is provided by key ACCCRN partners engaged with the local government and city institutions in the development of CRS. The subsequent version of the synthesis report will bring in information from cities of Bashirhat, Bhubaneswar, Jorhat, Leh, Mysore, Panaji, Saharsa, Shillong and Shimla.

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