Description of the project:

Clean energy and energy efficiency have been recognised as pragmatic means of mitigating climate change. The project aims to propagate clean energy and energy efficiency in the domestic sector by training young women through energy clinics across the state thereby reaching everyone in their community. In each clinic women visit households in the areas allotted to them and build capacity by educating the members of the households on the what, why, and how they can utilize clean energy in their homes through personal interactions. The aim is to motivate households to switch to clean energy for domestic requirements. Trained volunteers are paid a fixed sum per visit. Currently, energy clinic volunteer house visits are in progress in 9 of the 14 districts in Kerala.

Climate Impact:

Project addresses mitigation through enhanced energy efficiency and clean energy appliances. It also provides income generation opportunities for poor women. The performance in terms of energy saved and number of green energy appliances adopted by the population will be judged in the final phase of the project.

Gender Impact:

In the initial phase 100+ women were trained per district in 14 districts. Under the later phase thirty women are being trained per centre for household visits. Each woman will cover an average of 1000 households during the year. Beneficiaries will include 1400 trained women, 420 energy clinic workers and about 5000 members of the local population in one year. The trained women volunteers of the Energy Clinics will have a sustained income through house visits and agency for sale of solar appliances.

All India Women‘s Conference, Trivandrum branch,


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