This case study is one of three case studies which form part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) MCA4climate project. This report documents the inputs to a MCA4climate case study workshop held over two days in March 2011 at UNEP in Paris. The report focuses on the application of the MCA4climate tool to a policy and planning process which was undertaken in South Africa in 2010 to determine a more appropriate fuel (and technology) mix for electricity generation over the next 20 years – namely the Integrated Resource Plan 2010 (IRP 2010). It attempts to broaden the scope of the challenge beyond the narrow emphasis on grid-connected electricity, as addressed by the IRP 2010 process, while acknowledging the data deficits and lack of energy modelling, planning and decision making tools, which are available for a more holistic energy services approach to energy service provision.

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Renewable energy