Climate change impacts disproportionately affect the poor. Impacts will intensify yet poor communities already struggle to cope with current climate shocks. Adaptation is therefore fundamental, yet daunting. This edition of the Tiempo newsletter addresses the issue of community-based adaptation strategies. Four articles included are:

Adaptation in the Arctic - how Arctic communities are vulnerable to climate change, in particular to changes in ice conditions, sea level, storms and the wildlife on which they depend
Increasing resilience in Nepal - adaptation is context specific but not unique, defined as carefuldevelopment that considers future climatic conditions
Community action in Nepal - calling for more proactive mainstreaming of climate change considerations into policy making and greater incorporation of local knowledge into adaptationstrategising
Tea farming in South Africa - climate change is likely to make rooibos growing areas warmer, dryer and less hospitable for cultivation, with subsequent impacts on the livelihoods of small-scale rooibos tea farmers.

The edition also details upcoming conferences and events related to climate change and development.

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