Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Technologies to support climate change adaptation in developing Asia

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Asian Development Bank (ADB)
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This report discusses specific climate change impact and vulnerabilities, and identifies technologies needed to help reduce those vulnerabilities. It then presents examples of existing technologies that will meet those needs for six sectors:

  1. Agriculture,
  2. Coastal resources,
  3. Human health,
  4. Transportation,
  5. Water resources, and
  6. Disaster risk management.

This paper is organized by sector. Within each sector chapter is a discussion of impact, vulnerabilities, technology needs, and technology examples across the main ADB regions (East, Southeast, South, Central and West Asia, and the Pacific) based on published literature. The potential sector-specific adverse impact of climate change and Introduction vulnerabilities are discussed by region, and region-specific needs for technologies in support of adaptation are identified. The next section within each chapter presents a discussion of some technologies that can meet those needs. At the conclusion of each sector chapter is a synthesis table that combines the needs and technology assessments, and identifies existing gaps in available technologies. The synthesis portions of the chapters summarize the information presented in the chapter.