Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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TEC- Enhancing financing for the research, development and demonstration of climate technologies

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Technology Executive Committee
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In this paper, the TEC continues this work by exploring how we may enhance financing for RD&D of climate technologies. It notes that R&D spending for renewable energy and agriculture technologies has been rising broadly, although it only accounts for a small share of global R&D expenditures. In recent years, though, renewable energy R&D finance has plateaued. The paper highlights that the private sector often plays an important role in the RD&D of climate technologies. Private R&D spending likely exceeds public funding for renewable energy while in agriculture the opposite seems to be true. It also notes that mechanisms exist for international R&D collaboration on agriculture and energy, but the scale of those efforts is small (either in global coverage, scope or resources). No information was found on RD&D expenditures for adaptation technologies.