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Sustainable business model to deliver renewable energy to rural villages in Vietnam

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Extending reliable grid-based systems to sparsely populated areas is often not financially viable and this fact has proven a barrier to the electrification of parts of rural Vietnam. World Vision has already succeeded in establishing reliable community-driven networks for the distribution of energy efficient stoves in rural Africa and Latin America. This approach leveraged local community organisations to promote the interventions and required intensive government consultation and interface with all partners. The organisation now aims to build on this approach to develop a viable business model for providing energy in off-grid communities in Vietnam including a financial approach with realistic payback periods and repayment rates. The model will also reflect the complementary energy demands of schools and households – schools primarily requiring electricity during the day and households in the evening.


To create a business model to deliver clean electricity to off-grid villages in Vietnam and test and refine the model in two communities to ensure its viability for a wider roll-out


World Vision Australia