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Summary of CRiSTAL: Community-based Risk Screening Tool – Adaptation & Livelihoods

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A. Hammill
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CRiSTAL (Community-based Risk Screening Tool - Adaptation and Livelihoods) is a tool designed to assist project planner and managers with integrating risk reduction and climate change adaptation into community-level projects.
Developed by IISD in partnership with the World Conservation Union–IUCN, Stockholm Environment Institute–United States and Intercooperation, the tool (a) helps users to systematically understand the links between local livelihoods; (b) enables users to assess a project's impact on community level adaptive capacity; and (c ) assists users in making adjustments to improve a project's impact on adaptive capacity.
The "Summary of CRISTAL" brochure provides on overview of CRiSTAL– its history, objectives and structure. [adapted from author].