This assessment of progress towards the MDGs in Grenada is meant to provide information on country  progress on  MDG  achievement.  The  consultant was  required  to work  closely  with  the Ministry  of  Finance  in Grenada,  the  Millennium Development Goals National Committee (MDGNC) and the UNDP Barbados and the OECS SRO.

The research considered:

1.Review   existing   documents   and policies   in   Grenada   that   will   contribute   to   the production of this status report highlighting achievements, including good practices, and identify key bottlenecks and gaps as well as recommendations for specific responses to bottlenecks  and  gaps.   

2.Conduct  an  assessment  of  the  data  availability  concerning  their suitability  for  MDG Monitoring quality,  timeliness,  coverage)  and  make  recommendations  in  this  respect. Where data is available, in addition to the standard MDG targets, the Caribbean-specific targets should be assessed.

3.Analyse progress towards the MDGs in light of the SIDS-specific context.

4. Incorporate  a  specific  section for  the  5-year  review  of  the  Mauritius  Strategy  for  the Implementation  of  the  Barbados  Plan  of  Action  for  the  Sustainable  Development  of Small Island States in September 2010.

Despite  suffering  a combination of  setbacks  from seemingly unrelenting environmental and economic shocks during the past decade, Grenada has achieved MDG 2 (education), is well on the  way  to  achieving  at least two additional  MDGs-4 (child mortality) and 5 (maternal mortality), and is on track regarding Goal 7 (environmental sustainability).  

Progress  has been  made  on  a  number  of  targets  for  Goals  1 (hunger  and  poverty),  3  (gender equality  and  empowerment  of  women) and  6 (HIV  and  other  major  diseases).

However, the overall  Goals  are not  likely  to  be  achieved  within  the  next  5  years due  to  a number  of  factors including the economic crisis with implications for spending in areas including social assistance and  antiretrovirals  (Goals  1  and  6).    In  addition, there  are  some  underlying behavioural  shifts required which usually occur over time to reduce gender inequality and stigma and discrimination (MDG 3 and 6).

On MDG 8 - some progress has been made at the country level however this will require significant effort within Grenada as well as from developed countries for broader success to be registered.

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