Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Strawman elements: possible approaches to advancing international climate change efforts

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D. Bodansky
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This paper was prepared as input to the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico, a series of discussions among senior policymakers and stakeholders from 15 countries exploring options for advancing the international effort against climate change. This paper provided dialogue participants with a set of brief conceptual elements. These elements highlighted distinct approaches to addressing climate change internationally, and acted as building blocks for the so-called strawman proposals for strengthening the international climate effort. They are intended not as alternatives per se, but rather as a menu of approaches that might be combined or modified any number of ways.The paper presents discussants with seven elements, including:long term goalstargets and tradingdevelopment-focussectoraltechnologybottom-upadaptation.After further consideration of these elements, dialogue participants may refine or narrow the range of options, or form a set of hybrids representing different combinations of elements. The resulting strawman proposals will be elaborated and analysed, and presented for consideration at a subsequent session of the dialogue.