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The Status of ICT Infrastructure, Innovative Environment and ICT4AG Services in Agriculture, Food and Nutrition in Kenya

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Makini F.M., Mose L.O., Kamau G., Mulinge W., Salasya B., Akuku B., and Makelo M.
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This study established that the government of Kenya and the private sector have heavily invested in ICT, especially in the provision of support infrastructure. However, information on levels of access to various networks, such wireless access and connections, was scanty and, therefore, needs further studies. It is clear that ICT is recognized as a major enabler in both national and sectoral policies and strategies. However, this has not been experienced in the agricultural sector, due to lack of specific policy, legal and institutional frameworks to support the sector’s peculiarities, including conservatism and risk aversion. Based on the conclusions, the following key recommendations were drawn:

1. The Kenyan government should consider providing incentives to the private sector to broaden services, especially in the ICT for agriculture sector to spur innovations in service provision,

2. There is need to support a study on digital literacy in the ICT sector and particularly in the ICT4Ag service providers,

3. There is need to develop a robust legal and institutional framework for agriculture ICT to spur growth and innovation, and

4. There is need to standardize models of financing service provision that will provide a level playing field for all investors in ICT.


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