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Solar Sister eradicates energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity

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The Women and Gender Constituency
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Description of the project:

Solar Sister combines the breakthrough potential of clean energy technology with a deliberately woman-centered direct sales network to bring light, hope and opportunity to even the most remote communities in rural Africa. Solar Sister eradicates energy poverty through empowering women with economic opportunity and we promote women‘s leadership to build a brighter future. Investing in women is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. Solar Sister creates sustainable businesses, powered by smart investments in women entrepreneurs.

Climate Impact:

Solar Sister is increasing access to solar and clean cooking technologies. Solar lamps replace kerosene, which produce toxic fumes, black carbon, and increase risk of burns. More efficient cook stoves reduce fuel use by 30-60%, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas and black carbon emissions and reducing impacts on forests, habitats, and biodiversity.

Gender Impact:

Solar Sister is a women-led social enterprise working at the forefront of women‘s leadership for gender just climate action. Since 2010, Solar Sister has built a thriving network of 2000 women entrepreneurs who have brought clean energy access to over 350 000 people across Sub-Saharan Africa. Solar Sister‘s CEO is a women, over 86% of the staff and over 57% of our board are women. We are showing that women‘s leadership is needed at all levels for lasting change. Solar Sister entrepreneurs are farmers, nurses, school teachers, basket weavers, community mobilizers - all making the world brighter and better!