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Scaling up the Greening of China’s Supply Chains

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In 2012 China’s government tasked the textile sector to reduce energy intensity 20% by 2015 compared with 2010 levels. During that year an earlier REEEP-funded project with Azure International created a capacity-raising energy efficiency programme which brought together the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) four leading brands (Levi Strauss adidas group H&M and GAP) the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and 13 textile suppliers. In less than 10 months a third of these suppliers had implemented energy saving measures reducing individual energy bills by an estimated 10% and saving an estimated 12000 tons of CO2 and 11000 MWh annually as a group. This proved that with proper training and tools Chinese factories are willing to self-finance EE improvements.


To provide suppliers with the tools to achieve deeper energy savings to widen the platform for sharing best practices and to activate bank-led financing for improved energy efficiency


Azure International