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Roots for the Future

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IUCN, Global Gender and Climate Alliance
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The Landscape and Way Forward on Gender and Climate Change

While not a training manual per se, this publication is intended as a full update and overhaul to the 2008 manual content. In other words, this publication was inspired by the 2008 manual, its authors, and its thousands of users, who have continued to request up-to-date information on policy, planning, and— especially—concrete examples of action on the ground. It is therefore a celebration of progress and results achieved. Even more importantly, this publication joins the global call for implementation that is fair and equitable—and demonstrates that is possible.

The target audience is wide: from policy makers at international level who seek a political framework upon which to advance decision-making in line with women’s rights and gender equality mandates; to grassroots practitioners who might benefit from best-case project strategies; to those entirely new to these topics but curious to understand the basics or the links–this publication is written for you. Some readers may be gender experts while some may be climate change or sector-specific professionals; this publication aims to fill knowledge gaps and possibly inspire new questions, as well as solutions. The language, while technical, has been drafted to be as ‘user-friendly’ as possible. 

Aguilar, L., Granat, M., & Owren, C. (2015). Roots for the future: The landscape and way forward on gender and climate change. Washington, DC: IUCN & GGCA.


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