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The Role of Smart Grid in Integrating Renewable Energy

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Bethany Speer, Mackay Miller, Walter Shaffer, Leyla Gueran, Albrrecht Reuter, Bonnie Jang, Karin Widegren
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This discussion paper explores the intersection of smart grid technology, policy and regulation from a non-technical point of view, focusing on some specific questions relevant for decision makers, including (1) the challenges of integrating variable renewable energy into power grids, (2) the types of emerging smart grid solutions for integrate variable renewable energy, (3) examples from around the world of smart grids aiding in the integration of variable renewable energy and (4) the types of policy and regulatory approaches that are emerging to support smart grid solutions in relation to renewable energy. Based on emerging case studies from around the world, the authors concludes smart grids offer solutions to various challenges associated with variable renewable energy, including providing additional flexibility, unlocking demand side participation, and deferring more costly grid upgrades.