China is one of the few emerging countries to have promoted the deployment of small wind power (SWP) technology going back as far as the early 1980s. Unlike many other RE technologies SWP is one that has been developed and owned by Chinese companies. SWP does not require the ideal wind conditions and the huge tracts of land of a large-scale wind farm. Developing SWP brings benefits in new technology deployment reduced GHG emissions job creation and an improved rural economy. However China’s SWP industry remains tiny in relative terms accounting for less than 0.00129% of China GDP output in 2007 and there is no comprehensive overview of the industry to use as a basis for further expansion.


To conduct a detailed study and evaluation on the potential of the SWP industry in China for both on-grid and off-grid applications and make specific policy and strategy recommendations to the Chinese government to promote its growth.


Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems Quality Test Center Chinese Academy of Sciences

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