The Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment report (GTR) is jointly prepared by the Frankfurt School UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance, BloombergNEF and UN Environment. The GTR, formerly Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment, was produced for the first time in 2007 under UN Environment’s Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative (SEFI). It grew out of efforts to track and publish comprehensive information about international investments in renewable energy. The latest edition of this authoritative annual report tells the story of the most recent developments, signs and signals in the financing of renewable power and fuels. It explores the issues affecting each type of investment, technology and type of economy

The underlying data and information in GSR 2019 show that an array of opportunities exist to extend the benefits of the energy transition throughout the economy. These opportunities, overarching trends and developments are detailed in the complementary Perspectives on the Global Renewable Energy Transition, which has been written to help readers more easily grasp the significance of the latest renewable energy developments. Together, these two publications make a powerful statement about the central role of renewables in establishing a sustainable energy future.

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