The focus of the project is on increasing the resistance of the physical environment to landslide activity; and building capacity of the community to decrease their vulnerability to landslides when they do occur. Project activities will include: 1. Identifying critical points of erosion and deforestation in Macacos Hill; 2. Promoting Reforestation of Macacos Hill, with the help of residents; 3. Studying and implementing appropriate and low cost technologies for drainage such as: stairway drains; storm water channels to divert the flow from houses; increased drainage area around houses; and roof water retention in barrels.Further, the project will seek to achieve capacity building of the local community regarding: 1. Climate change issues 2. How the community can help with this process, for example, appropriate collection and disposal of wastes, assist in reforestation, and simple actions to increase water drainage and to reduce flows.

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