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Rediscovering ambition on forests: maintaining one of the world’s greatest assets

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B. Jagdeo
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This draft report argues that economic crises have displaced climate change and resource insecurity from the international agenda and funding for forests is currently fragmented and short-term. The report builds the case, and provides a proposal, for ambitious action on forests between now and 2020 by providing an analysis of what might be possible. It draws on the progress and lessons learned in some countries and demonstrates that much can be achieved with strong leadership and high ambition with committed follow through. The report shows that forest countries are demonstrating that significant progress can be made in maintaining the world’s forests, without compromising local and global development needs. The report finds that existing partnerships provide a model that can be replicated. Successful partnerships are built on two critical principles: a joint commitment from the start and forest country ownership coupled with adherence to mutually agreed safeguards.