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REDD+ related risks, opportunities and safeguards for biodiversity conservation: a survey of issues and options in Lao PDR and Ecuador

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L. Schmidt
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REDD+ aims to create incentives for developing countries to reduce emissions through the protection and better management of forests. However, despite of generating multiple co-benefits for nature and people, there have been concerns that the implementation of REDD+ may have negative impacts on biodiversity. Safeguards can help to reduce risks and maximise benefits for biodiversity conservation. This report analyses existing conditions and experiences with regard to biodiversity safeguards for REDD+ in Ecuador and Lao People’s Democratic Republic. It makes recommendations for the consideration of potential risks and opportunities for biodiversity conservation in the context of REDD+, especially for policies, activities, projects and programmes supported by development cooperation. It is intended as a technical input to inform decision-makers and practitioners on how to systematically enhance the synergies between REDD+ and the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity.