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Ramboll develops a new integrated water master plan for Bucharest

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Ramboll Denmark
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In order to further improve the water systems in the Romanian capital, Ramboll has been assigned to develop a master plan with recommendations for future investments in water supply, sewerage and climate adaptation.

Apa Nova Bucuresti, the concessionaire of the public water supply and sewerage services in Bucharest, wants to make the city's water systems even more efficient and sustainable. To obtain this goal, they have engaged Ramboll to make a comprehensive master plan for a large geographical area covering the city center and a suburban area.

The overall objective is to set up a strategy and an action plan to implement the most effective measures needed to develop a future-proof water supply and sewerage system for the operating area which is Bucharest and a range of suburbs. 

"The project includes an analysis of both the natural and the socio-economic characteristics of the area, related to water consumption and discharge. We will also do a thorough review of the services provided by Apa Nova Bucharest. Based on these insights we will identify areas for improvement, development and diversification and set up an investment plan for the short, medium and long term," says Silviu Stoica, Director for Ramboll's global water practice in Romania.