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The Protection of Forests under Global Biodiversity and Climate Policies

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T. Pistorius (ed)
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The report presents the findings of the research and development project ‘the protection of forests under global biodiversity and climate policy’, carried out between July 2009 and December 2012. The main goal of this project was to analyse the potential risks opportunities of REDD+ for forest biodiversity conservation and to develop options for REDD+ implementation that promote synergies between the climate and biodiversity goals. The researchers sought to identify core challenges for the implementation of biodiversity safeguards and the generation of additional biodiversity benefits at and across the different but intricately linked governance levels.

For REDD+ to achieve synergies between climate and biodiversity objectives, the report concludes that the complex spatial pattern of forest biodiversity needs to be considered. Data on forest cover and species diversity in tropical and subtropical forest types could serve as biodiversity indicators for REDD+ on the global scale. The evaluation of existing global ecological classification systems, forest and land cover maps, and species data shows that diverging definitions of forest and forest types impede the comparison and collation of these datasets.