This publication presents ‘positive environmentalism’ as a way to deal with climate change instead of a doom and gloom approach. The report focuses on four main areas: environmentalism for the 21st century; technology and growth; environmental policy and government; and food miles.The document emphasises that instead of a fear of economic growth, policymakers should see it as a force for good. It argues that technological progress through growth will break the relationship between GDP and carbon emissions, and growth will offer the best way to tackle the issue of the developing economies.A number of suggestions are made in this report to deal with climate change positively, which include:

to encourage and explore the use of new technologies and innovations through green taxes, emissions and through prize-funds for inventors
more examination of policies, because of the influence by the media in sensationalising climate change
scrapping tariffs on renewable energy and clean power generation equipment worldwide leading to a global free trade in green technology.

The report concludes that continued economic growth and prosperity are essential to resolving global problems, and becoming wealthier and more prosperous in the coming century is the ‘heart and soul’ of environmental progress.

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