The development objective of the Methane Recovery from Waste Management Project for Philippines is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from participating sites. The project comprises of three components. The first component, piggery wastewater biogas systems will provide carbon finance to piggeries that adopt wastewater systems to collect and combust the methane that will otherwise, under common practice or conventional technology, be emitted into the atmosphere. The second component, landfill gas flaring facilities will provide carbon finance for the operation of facilities to collect and use landfill gas in closed dumps and new sanitary landfills. The third component, purchase of emission reductions allows individual validation by an accredited third-party auditing firm (a designated operational entity under the rules of the Kyoto protocol) and registration by the clean development mechanism (CDM) Executive Board. This arrangement also allows subprojects, individually or as groups, to be added as CDM program activities (CPAs) under the programs of activities (PoA) on a rolling basis, upon submission of adequate documentation.

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