This call for feedback is open until January 31st 2016. How can philanthropy move beyond carbon neutrality to elevate the issue, spur RD&D/innovation, and support policy?

Carbon removal is a critical yet largely missing piece in the fight against climate change. As the Keeling Curve rises higher and higher above 400ppm each year, it is critical that we develop innovations to bend the path of this curve back down towards pre-industrial levels. Finding path-bending negative-emissions solutions will demand collab - oration from a community of industry, government, academic, and philanthropic organizations—yet we see a paucity of action from all sectors around carbon removal to date. The key question motivating this report is, “Where do we start?”

Given the collective action needed to tackle climate change, as well as the poor state of government action, philanthropy can have a highly catalytic impact today. Funding for this report is motivated by the hypothesis that philanthropies can have a large impact in carbon removal, and that engaging philanthropies in constructive dialogue around carbon removal is urgently needed to advance our understanding and action in this area.

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