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Participatory Vulnerability Analysis: a step–by–step guide for field staff

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E. Chiwaka
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This guide is developed to assist field workers and communities to analyse people’s vulnerability, draw action plans, mobilise resources and enact appropriate policies, laws and strategies to reduce their vulnerability to disaster. This guide is specifically developed consistent with the PVA approach to: 

Establish links between emergencies and development
Recognise developments or events at national and international level and how these impact on communities’ vulnerability
Use the output of local level analysis to inform national and international level action and policies.

The guide is divided into three major parts: 

Part 1 (Understanding vulnerability) provides insights into key aspects of vulnerability. 
Part 2 (Conducting PVA) contains suggestions on how best to prepare for a PVA, how to conduct the analysis and how to generate action
Part 3 is an appendix, which provides suggestions for compiling the data generated through PVA, ideas for advocacy work and an example of terms of reference.