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The nutmeg and spice industry in Grenada: innovations and competitiveness

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R. Singh
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World over the nutmeg continues to be a prized spice because of its unique flavour and pharmaceutical properties.

Grenada is the enviable position of supplying one-fourth of the world demand, which in turn provides a major source of foreign exchange earnings to the country as well as a major source of income for a large segment of the population. However, the industry continues to be negatively affected by a declining interest in the crop due to labour issues, lack of organization with respect to marketing, falling prices and increasingly stringent international quality regulations.

The industry can benefit from innovations in primary processing which can shorten processing times and improve the quality of the dried nutmeg and mace. The industry can also benefit from the creativity and innovativeness of the processors which has given rise several local brands of nutmeg food and pharmaceutical products.

Improvements in primary and secondary processing, coupled with stronger institutional support and the forging of key international linkages to address the marketing issues can be the key to not only the survival, but the success of the Grenadian nutmeg industry.