Written for and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and StatoilHydro, this report is a descriptive inventory of Norwegian involvement and Norwegian cooperation in the fields of energy and climate change related issues in China. Part 1 is a brief, general introduction to the relevant topics, providing both typical and atypical examples of Norwegian involvement and cooperation and partnerships between actors from the two countries. Many valuable cooperative relationships in science and business have been established. The report outlines that the three Norwegian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Environment, and Oil and Energy are all active in fields related to energy and climate change issues in China, mostly through funding and international partnerships. Part of the China strategy is for Norway to assist Chinese environmental technical capacity building and to promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources (MFA 2007). Furthermore the report finds that in the field of science and academia Norwegian actors do research in China on their own and that, on the other hand, scientific institutions and individual scientists from the two countries are involved in cooperative research partnerships. The research institutes presented here in this document include important policy-informers such as CICERO, ECON, the University of Oslo’s Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental as well as the Social Research (CIENS) and more. However the report also comments on areas in which Norwegian involvement is falling behind the other Nordic countries. Lastly parts 2, 3 and 4 consist of lists of the relevant Norwegian governmental bodies, research institutions and private businesses as well as a brief description of their partnerships, projects and expertise and their activities in China.

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