The objective of this study is to identify (1) how renewable power-to-gas technologies might contribute to the decarbonisation of the non-individual transport sector, (2) the possible limitations on electricity supply and (3) the policy instruments that would most efficiently support market uptake. The study focuses on large-scale deployment opportunities for renewable power-to-gas rather than niche applications in project specific contexts. The first part of the report consists of a review of existing technologies, projects and demand drivers for power-to-gas mobility in the non-individual road transportation sector in order to select the most promising market segments for further analysis. The second part of the report presents an economic analysis of the previously selected market segments in order to choose case studies for detailed analysis. The detailed analysis—including an evaluation of 2015 and forecasted 2030 economics, as well as the evaluation of policy measures effectiveness and costs—is present in the third part. The last part of the report takes defines an appropriate set of policy measures to be used for the required purpose of accelerating power-to-gas for mobility.

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