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Nile issues: small streams from the Nile Basin Research Programme

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T. Oestigaard (ed)
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The Nile Basin Research Programme (NBRP), as a strategic, multidisciplinary programme for research and higher education on topics related to the Nile Basin, has had the overall aim to enhance and promote quality research on Nile-related issues and to support research collaboration between institutions in the Nile Basin region.This book presents some of the results from the NBRP. The Nile Basin region faces huge challenges in the future. The ways the Nile issues are solved will have enduring consequences for the development of the region. The topics in this book include:

who owns and who can use the Nile water and in which quantity?
how does climate change affect the rain patterns and the amount of water in the Nile?
how does human land use affect the environment and the species richness?
how can ideas about water in cultural and religious traditions be a source to cooperation and development?
how can the shaping of research universities become a basis for shared knowledge on Nile issues?
how does the international aid system influence and is infl uenced by the political agenda in the Nile Basin countries?